When you are thinking about selling your business, you probably want to know how much it is likely to sell forFree Business Valuation. If you decide to sell, you need a business valuation to put the business on the market at the right price. We offer a free business valuation to a business owner who is considering whether to sell their business. To prepare this business valuation, we use the market approach, a recognized method to estimate the selling price of a business.  We use your financial information and data on what businesses like yours have sold for to prepare an estimate of what your business is likely to sell for. 

We also offer a business valuation prepared by an accredited appraiser at a low price.

"When I decided to sell my liquor store, I wanted to work with a business broker that understood the nuances of our business, and the value that I believed it had. Confidentiality was important, and I wanted a limited number of high-quality buyers so that we could find the right one that would pay a fair price and take care of our employees who had worked with us for so long. In our view, BayState Business Brokers, and their representative, Sarah Grossman, was able to accomplish all of this. Her valuation was spot on. She brought us qualified buyers and helped us navigate our way through the transaction and liquor license transfer process, which was quite complicated. I highly recommend BayState to any owner wishing to sell their business."

Peter Turlo, Former Owner, Natick Wine & Spirits

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