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Small Business

We consider ourselves small business brokers.  But, “small business” can small business brokersmean something different depending on the business.  If you are a billion dollar company, one with a hundred million in sales may be considered a small business.  For most of us, a hundred million dollar business is not a small business.  The SBA has a 47 page document that defines what constitutes a small business, depending on the industry.

For BayState Business Brokers, a small business is one that generates a total income to the owner of at least $100,000. Generally, these are businesses that have revenues under $10,000,000.

Small Business Brokers

successful small business ownerJust because we are small business brokers does not mean we are any less professional in the way we market your business than intermediaries selling larger businesses.  What it does mean is that individuals are potential buyers for the businesses we sell and we market small businesses to reach these potential buyers.  This marketing also reaches other businesses who are potential business buyers.  We also market to businesses that we identify as potential buyers.

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