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Challenging Times Can Still Lead to Successful Sales

Proper Planning Avoids Many Pitfalls in Business Sales

How to Sell Your Plumbing/HVAC Business for the Best Price

Create Notes Now of How Covid-19 has Affected Your Business.

Will Anyone Buy My Business Now? Selling Your Business During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Is This a Good Time to Buy or Sell an Auto Repair or Auto Body Business?

Now is Not the Time to Deal with Only One Buyer for Your Business

With the Coronavirus (Covid-19) Outbreak, Should you Buy a Business Now?

Selling Your Business in the Face of the Coronavirus and Economic Uncertainty

How to Avoid Roadblocks When Selling a Franchise Business

How to Sell Your Property Management Business for the Best Price

3 Big Reasons to Buy the Assets, not the Corporation, When you Buy a Business

When is the best time to sell your business?  The best time may be sooner than you think.

Should you rent out your business rather than sell it?

Buying a Business?  Don’t Put the Cart in Front of the Horse.

Get the Best Price for your Business by Selling the Business Without a Price

An Industry Veteran May Not Be the Best Business Broker

7 Rules When Selling a Business to an Industry Buyer

Buying a business? What a business broker would like to tell you.

How Long Does it Take to Sell a Business?

Owners Cash Flow - What it is and why it is the most important number if you are buying or selling a business.

Buying or selling a business?  Be sure the owners cash flow is accurate.

5 Reasons Why Franchise Businesses are Great Businesses to Buy

How to Sell an Auto Repair Shop for the Best Price

How to Increase the Selling Price of Your Day Care Center

The Early Bird Buys the Business

How do you sell a smaller business that few individual buyers are looking for?

Year-End Checkup: Is Your Business Ready to Sell?

How to Sell a Customer Base or Customer List

Don't Forget About Working Capital When You Buy or Sell a Business

How Much is a Book of Business Worth?

Top Ten Reasons Not to Sell Your Own Business

Who is Representing You When You Buy or Sell a Business?

Selling a Business: 5 Reasons to Offer Seller Financing

How to Sell a Business with Too Much Inventory

How to Get Paid More for Your Business By Selling to a Strategic Buyer

When you sell your business, what is its strategic value?

It’s Not Just About the Money, How Good of a Business Buyer are You?

How to Choose an SBA Lender to Buy a Business

How to Buy A Business - Be Prepared for the Competition

Should your business broker use an auction to sell your business?

Exit Planning? Update Your Marketing

Do you have the skills to become a business broker?

5 Terms to Be Reasonable About If You Want to Sell Your Business

Should You Buy an Existing Franchise or Open a New One?

How to Buy or Sell a Business with Real Estate

Be Sure to Get the Training You Need When You Buy a Business

When You are Looking for a Business Broker, Don’t Choose a Cowboy

Don’t Kill A Deal To Buy A Business At The 1st Meeting With The Owner

How to Sell Your E-Commerce Website For More Money

The 7 Steps You Must Take Now to Buy a Business This Year

Are Non-Compete Agreements in Massachusetts Worth it?

What to do Now if You are Thinking of Selling Your Business

Looking for a well paying sales job? Become a business broker.

Important Things to Know if You are Planning to Buy a Liquor Store

Selling Your Business? Beware of Bottom Feeders

Renting Out Your Business, Rather than Selling It, is a Bad Idea

How to Use a Term Sheet to Make an Offer to Buy a Business

Who is the Expert? Your Attorney or Your Accountant?

How to Get a Loan to Buy a Business

How is Working Capital Handled When You Buy or Sell a Business?

Why You Should Not Hire A Real Estate Agent To Sell Your Business

7 Good Reasons to Buy an Auto Repair Business

How to Buy a Business the Ed Pendarvis Way

When you are selling your business, a low offer may not be so low.

How to Sell Your Business to an Industry Buyer

How Private Equity Groups & Individuals Differ in Pricing a Business

How Online Marketing Has Changed M&A

Do you Own a Business or a Job?

How to Sell a Business Using Online Marketing

Buying or Selling a Business? Communicate or Lose

Selling a Business: Should you accept an earnout?

What assets are included in the sale of a business?

How to Beat Out Other Buyers and Buy The Business You Want

7 Big Mistakes Business Buyers Make

You Can't Buy a Business from a Brochure

MA Business Confidence Grows as Employers See Sustained Recovery

How to Price a Business, Part 2

How to Price a Business, Part 1

Add the Smartphone to the List of Essential Small Business Tools

Selling a Business – The Cost of Confidentiality

Should you use EBITDA or SDE when pricing a business?

Don’t Use the Franchisor to Resell a Franchise Business

Buying a Business? Find a Business Broker to Represent YOU

Why don't businesses sell?

Do you need audited financial statements to buy or sell a business?

Tips on How to Buy a Liquor Store

Buying a Business: How much should you pay for a business?

Selling a Business: Exit planning should include life planning.

Business Broker: I Didn't Take the Summer Off

Buying a Business Begins with a Signed Offer to Purchase

Should a business broker or an m&a advisor sell your business?

BizBuySell.com Report Finds Business-For-Sale Activity Improving

Buy a Business – What business brokers look for in a buyer

If you are going to buy a business, you need to accept business risk.

BizBuySell.com Reports Improving Business-For-Sale Conditions

Co-Brokering by Business Brokers – A Growing Trend

Buying a franchise? Do your due diligence.

Want to buy a business? Don’t use a non-binding letter of intent.

Can’t find a business to buy? Let us help you.

Attorney Communication - A deal killer.

Seller Financing - A Benefit to Buyers and Sellers

Confidentiality - Priority Number One

Buying a Business? Don't Wait Too Long

Don't Miss This Great Training for Business Brokers/Buyers/Sellers

SDE: Know what it is when you buy a business or sell a business.

Are you running Martha’s campaign or Scott’s?

What your accountant can do to help you buy a business.

Due Diligence – It’s not how much you get, but what you get.

Buying or Selling a Business? Business for sale market returning to 2008 price levels.

Want to buy or sell a business? The market is getting better.

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