Boston Business Brokers

If you are looking for a Boston business broker to sell your business, contact us.  We sell businesses located in the Boston area and Eastern Massachusetts.

The best way to sell your business for the best price is to find the most buyers for it.  If you are selling your business, BayState Business Brokers has 5 methods to reach the most business buyers:

  • Our List of Buyers - Our list has over 2,800 buyers that are looking for a business to buy.

  • Our Website - By using search engine optimization and Google Adwords and Bing advertising, we get more buyers visiting our website than any other business broker in this area.

  • Leading Internet Business For Sale Websites - We advertise businesses for sale on all the leading business for sale websites and pay for enhanced ads.

  • BBANE MLS - We co-broke with over 60 other leading business brokers in New England.

  • Targeted Search - We contact, confidentially, other businesses that may be buyers for the business we are selling to let them know about the opportunity.

"Our system works.  We find buyers with all of these methods.  By using all of these methods to sell a business, it creates a powerful system to find more buyers.  By finding more buyers, we sell a business faster at a higher price.  Contact us today to start the process.  Contact us by filling out the form, or call us, to receive a FREE estimate of what your business is likely to sell for."  - Marc Gudema, Managing Broker

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