How to Sell Your Printing Business and Get Paid What It's Worth

There is a perception by some printing company owners that their business won’t sell for a lot of money.  They think that way because of the decline in the printing industry over the past several years and the low ball offers they’ve received for their business from other printing company owners.  In many cases, those offers have been earn-outs – where the price is based on how the buyer does with the business.  This perception is not accurate.

I’ve sold many printing businesses for good prices without the price being based on an earnout.  These have been printing businesses of all sizes that sold for several hundred thousand dollars to several million Canon_Copierdollars.  In these sales, the sellers received most, if not all of the price, at the closing.   Seller financing, or earn-outs, were only a small portion of the price, if any.

In most sales, the buyer for your printing business will be another printing business.  Buying your business and combining it with theirs will increase their profits significantly. They will earn a high return on their investment by buying another printing business.  There are smart printing company owners who recognize this and will pay a good price for your business.  In many sales, I’ve been able to find multiple buyers who make competitive offers for the business.  How can I do this?  It’s because of my experience in selling printing businesses.  I owned a printing business for several years and understand the businesses I’m selling.  I also know, or know how to find, buyers for the business being sold.

Here is what a printing company owner whose business I sold recently said about me:

“After trying to sell my business for over a year and a half through another channel and having no result, I was introduced to your company.  I remember our first meeting very well.  I was discouraged, after 18 months with the other company, with no tangible results.  Your exact words, upon the end of our meeting, where I had signed up with your company were “You might be pleasantly surprised how quickly it might sell”.  Here we are five months later and I am beyond pleasantly surprised.  The business is sold, I got the asking price, only had to carry 10%, and all my employees were hired. 

Thank you.”                                      Dana Wilson, Former Owner, Landmark Impressions

Getting results like this isn’t luck.  It’s the process I use to sell printing businesses.  Contact me today for a free, no obligation, consultation and selling price estimate.

                                                                                                            Marc Gudema

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