Distressed Business Sale

If your business is distressed because it is not making money and you are thinking of closing your business, declaring business bankruptcy, or just selling your equipment, contact us.  We can probably get you a much better deal.  We are experienced at distressed business sales and have done several. For us, a distressed business sale is distressed m&a because we go out and find appropriate buyers for your business.  We also prepare a full report about your business to present its features and opportunities to a buyer.

Your company may have valuable assets, other than the equipment, and there are companies that will pay a good price for it. We do an active search for these buyers.  One common asset that is valuable is your customer base.  We've done a number of distressed business sales. We usually receive multiple offers and sellers usually get these as part of the deal:

  • A payment in cash at the closing.
  • Employment for the owner and other employees.
  • An earnout based on future sales.

Even if you are deeply in debt, we may be able to help you. We have a workout company that may be able to help reduce your debt.

Here is what a recent client said about our services:

"When the economy went south, our lenders were not far behind. As sales slid and our credit lines were reduced, I decided that selling the company I had spent a dozen years building was the best way to capitalize on the value I had created. Bay State Business Brokers was able to attract a wide variety of buyers, which led to several offers and the sale of the company at a great price. Just as importantly, the sale closed just six months after I first called them. It couldn't have turned out better." 

We offer a FREE consultation, on the phone or in person, to discuss your situation and how we can help you. Fill out our Seller Contact Form to get started.

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