How to Sell a Business

Each business owner is different and we work to satisfy the goals of each owner we represent. Most want to sell their business as quickly as possible at the best price. Here is an overview of how we do so and achieve the other results most business owners want.
  • Keep the Sale Confidential.  BayState Business Brokers knows how important it is to keep the sale of your business confidential. We market your business so its identity is kept confidential and potential buyers do not know the identity until they are qualified and sign confidentiality agreements.
  • Sell at the Right Price.   BayState Business Brokers offers a free business valuation to give you an estimate of what the business is likely to sell for.  We also offer valuations prepared by an accredited appraiser.  You can use either to decide whether to sell and what price to ask.  We also help you, the owner, to calculate what this will generate after the sale and if this is adequate.
  • Don't Waste Your Time with Unqualified Buyers. BayState Business Brokers screens buyers so we don't waste your time with buyers who don't have the background or financial strength to buy your business.
  • Sell Your Business Fastest at the Best Price. BayState Business Brokers uses several methods to sell your business quickly at the best price.  First, we create a professional report that shows potential buyers how much they can make from owning your business and the opportunities it offers.  Then, we market your business to reach the most potential buyers:
    • Today, the Internet is the primary way that buyers find businesses to buy. We market your business on the top "business for sale" websites.
    • We advertise your business on our website which has been optimized to be found in buyer searches. We also use paid search engine advertising to reach potential buyers.  Over 100 buyers a day visit our website to view the businesses we have for sale.
    • We maintain a database of over 2,000 potential buyers who have contacted us about buying a business and market your business to these buyers.
    • We identify and contact potential business buyers in your market and potential strategic buyers.
    • We co-broker with other business brokers located in New England through BBANE, the only MLS for business sales in New England. BayState Business Brokers is a founding member of BBANE. There are over 60 active business brokers in BBANE.

The widest marketing results in more potential buyers and a faster sale at a higher price.

  • Get Paid at the Closing.   Most of our sales are financed with an SBA guaranteed 7A loan with little, or no, seller financing. This is a win-win for the buyer and the seller. It requires less of a down payment from a buyer and 10 years to repay the loan and the seller is paid at the closing.  BayState Business Brokers is very knowledgeable about this type of financing and actively helps buyers to obtain SBA loans.
  • Manage the Process until the Sale is Completed.  BayState Business Brokers helps buyers present an offer and complete the process of buying your business.  Many deals fall apart after the initial offer is agreed upon. We get paid when you do -- when the sale closes. We manage the closing process to complete the sale. We are experienced in what must be done to close the sale and are as actively involved with this part of the process as the parties' wish.
All of these methods are designed to achieve your goal -- the successful sale of your business.  If you are ready to sell your business or just want to talk to a business broker about some questions you have, contact us by filling out our form or calling us at 617-562-5700.

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