Sell Your Business for More with a Sale to a Strategic Buyer

Most business sales involve the sale of a business to another owner/operator who will continue to operate it as a standalone business.  In this sale, the price is based on what is called the “financial” value and the buyer is a "financial buyer".  This value is based on the financial results of the business being sold – the asset value, income value, or market value.  However, in other sales, where one business is bought by another business, the buyer may have some unique strengths that make the business being bought more valuable to it. Or, the buyer will earn more just by eliminating duplicate expenses.  This is referred to as a “strategic” value and the buyer is a "strategic buyer".

How to Get a Strategic Buyer to Pay The Best Price

We use this process to identify, reach, and get the best offers from strategic buyers.  

  • The business is usually marketed without a price since putting a price on the business puts a cap on the offers.  Unlike individual buyers, companies are able to place a value on the business in order to present an offer.
  • A compelling report about the business is prepared to present to potential buyers after they are qualified and sign a confidentiality agreement.  This report presents the best features of the business and shows the potential value to a strategic buyer.
  • strategic business sale - small.jpgPotential buyers are identified and contacted.  Some strategic buyers may not be identified.  By using Internet marketing, we reach them many of them also.


  • A competitive offering process is conducted to encourage the best offers from the strategic buyers. 
  • A deal is reached and we quarterback the closing process to complete the sale of the business.

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